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Strong leadership and management is a key factor in fostering innovation, unlocking the potential of your workforce and ensuring you have the right strategy to drive productivity and growth.

At the Edinburgh Institute we will work with you to build organisational effectiveness, realise your strategic goals and achieve significant return on investment.
We offer an exciting range of workshops and programmes ranging from non-accredited Certificates up to and including Masters degrees. Selected programmes are open to individuals, with others delivered within an organisation to their staff.

You’ll learn alongside leaders and managers from large and small organisations in a variety of sectors, so it’s a rich and highly interactive learning environment.

BA Business & Enterprise
Edinburgh Napier University, in partnership with the Academy of Leadership and Management, is offering a new and innovative way to achieve your degree in one calendar year. BA Business & Enterprise is a ‘modern day degree’ designed for those working full time who wish to develop their knowledge...
Entrepreneurial Leadership
This is a 4 day course that explores the role of entrepreneurial leadership – through experiential learning across a range of sectors. The course will look at real time examples and case studies, developing your creativity and skills to apply in the corporate world.
Managing Innovation
This is a 4 day course for participants to learn how to manage innovative plans in a practical and beneficial way as part of an organisation. We will do this by examining and discussing, in detail, both the theory and practise of innovation management – in some of the world’s most innovating...
MSc Entrepreneurial Leadership (MEL)
Set yourself out from the crowd. The importance of entrepreneurs and enterprising leaders continues to be highlighted by the business community, and government agents and such individuals are cited consistently as the catalyst to economic recovery and growth.
Professional Selling & Sales Practise (MSc & PG)
This programme is offered by the Edinburgh Institute for companies who wish to run a bespoke programme for their staff. If you are an individual, please refer to the University course catalogue. Turn your high quality sales experience into an accredited qualification.
Destination Leader's Programme
Allow your business and the Scottish tourism industry to transform with the UK’s first Destination Leaders Programme (DLP) - based on the internationally acclaimed initiative originating from Melbourne, Australia. As a 'Destination Leader' you will have an active role in influencing the delivery of...
Leadership in Board Governance
Governance is concerned with how leaders manage their stakeholder relationships to achieve economic goals, as well as social and environmental objectives in a range of boards in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Transparent and effective governance is critical to the success of any...
Military & Civil Service, BA Business & Enterprise
Get a head start on your career after the military at Edinburgh Napier University. We want to help you makes this transition successfully. By enlisting in this programme, you will be able to accredit your military career with a BA in Business & Enterprise.
MSc Human Resource Management
Become more qualified as Human Resources becomes increasingly more important in achieving business success. The programme is offered by the Edinburgh Institute for companies who wish to run a bespoke programme for their staff. If you are an individual, the Business School has a part time MSc HRM in...
Social Media for Business Masterclass
This is a 1 day course that explores the increasing role of social media within business. Specifically tailored for the business community in Scotland, the course aims to increase participants knowledge and understanding of the commonly used social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and...
We can design and deliver bespoke programmes to help you achieve your organisational objectives. As part of the design process, we embed practice based learning in programmes to deliver tangible benefits to individuals and businesses, where individuals are personally and professionally developed with organisations directly benefiting through their enhanced performance and personal development. 

With our bespoke programmes, you will be allocated a learning and development professional as your client director. They will coordinate the team of academics, consultants, coaches and administrators dedicated to achieving the results you require. Customised programmes can be Degree awarding, accredited or uncertified short courses.

By choosing Edinburgh Institute’s bespoke programmes you will have access to:
- A variety of academic subject experts
- Connections to an academic establishment
- Highly experienced team of practitioners with industry skills and networks
- A global delivery capacity

A Bespoke Programme was designed for SELECT to address the needs of the electrical sector in Scotland.
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We can work with you to offer various flexible delivery models consisting of a mixture of face to face workshops / tutorials, and blended with online learning and webinars. Workshop delivery could be on the University campus, at your offices, or an alternative location in the UK, Europe or overseas.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail to design a model which works with your organisation.

To find out more, please contact Nikki Duke, Head of Customer Development on or Rhona Bain, Business Development Executive on
We provide consultancy services which combines research based academic rigour with practical business expertise. Our highly experienced consultancy team, can work with you to assist your business to discover its potential and maximise its competitive edge. From small food and drink companies to large financial organisations. We work to deliver tangible and lasting benefits.

Our consultancy service covers all key strengths of Edinburgh Napier University. For example; Employee Engagement, Sales, Cyber Crime, Technologies, Design and Construction. In addition, an area of which we are renowned for high quality consultancy is Human Resource Management please see below for an example of how we could help you in this area.

Furthermore, Bright Red Triangle is a consultancy service that enables students to work as junior consultants on external commercial projects. This a great opportunity for current students and graduates as they can enhance their competitive edge in the job market, whilst supporting the local business community

Organisational Effectiveness - People and OD Consulting Service 

We are often asked by clients to take a fresh look at how their organisation works and performs. EI helps organisations recognise what makes them distinctive and then we construct a tailored improvement strategy for this distinctiveness.

How we work with our Clients:
- Build a shared understanding of the issues they face and the required outcomes of our joint work.
- Gather data and information that characterises the issue
- Challenge their assumptions
- Discover the causes underlying the issue
- Co create effective solutions
- Build the momentum to deliver real and sustainable change
- Deliver the organisational development strategies that give them a distinctive edge
- Demonstrate the value of the changes they make.
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The Edinburgh Institute has built a unique blend of HR expertise infused with the principles of Organisation Development. We have done this by bringing together a team of academics and consultants, each of which are recognised experts in their own field, from the public and private sector.

For example we have worked with Fife Council and NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde in a HRM capacity providing guidance and assistance on HR Review and Transformational Change.

HR Capabilities & Strengths
- People Development Strategy
- Managing Change
- Organisational Development
- Dialogue and Conversational Practise 

 ‘We asked the Edinburgh Institute to help us to design our HR organisation for a future that includes fully integrated health and social care and matching our acute services to the increasingly complex needs of our patients. We really appreciated the way that EI partnered with us, co-creating an innovative new organisational design and helping us to shape the transformation programme to deliver it effectively.’ - Ian Reid, Director of HR, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Develop your organisation’s training programme and allow your employees to achieve their potential.

Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Credit Rating has a flexible range of options to give academic recognition to an individual or an organisation’s learning.  Your business will benefit from working with the market leaders in credit rating. We have a network of specialists, experienced in working with people and organisations from both public and private sector.

We assess the staff training and the development within the business, from there we are able show you the necessary steps and procedures required so that the training programme can be at university level. This allows us to place an academic value on the learning programme, measured against the SCQF*.

*Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework

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Employers & Employees can benefit from this programme.

The efficiency and success of a business can be greatly improved by learning and development, the impact of learning on both individual and organisational performance can be enhanced and assured using academic standards. Allocating recognised academic credit to staff training and development is a motivating, strengthening way to improve and retain a workforce.

A certificate of credit is awarded to employees who successfully complete an organisation’s training programme. Evidence of learning at a recognised level can assist entry to further programmes of study and support career development and progression. Employees find it more motivating to follow a company training programme with academic value which allows them to benchmark their achievements.

We have worked with many organisations across Scotland, the UK and internationally – tailoring our approach to best suit our client’s needs.

Check out our previous clients’ case studies to see how our Credit Rating System benefited them.

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